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CORALadvantage is a premium marine coral mineral complex with 21 co-nutrients needed for calcium absorption and utilization.  It is available in 90 vegetarian capsule (one month supply) and 180 vegetarian capsule (two month supply) sizes. 

CORALadvantage will give you:

* Increased energy and vitality*

* Improved health and well-being*

* Improved joint mobility*

* Improved sleep*1,2

Calcium's vital role

Our body starts out in a balanced state, but slowly changes due to acidic and acid-forming items in our diet like excess protein, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. This can create a low-pH (acidic) condition called metabolic acidosis. To the detriment of health and well being, the contemporary Western diet leads to chronic, low-level acidosis.3

Bones are the body's storehouse of the calcium and other minerals. Our body uses these minerals to neutralize excess acids.  As our body draws calcium from bones to deal with the acid, bone tissue becomes depleted, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. The solution is to “alkalize” the diet (to neutralize the acid), and one way to accomplish this is to use alkalizing supplements, like bioavailable minerals.3

Calcium is essential to energy production, cellular maintenance, and heart function. It is also essential to our immune system and it is central to the production of human growth hormone, which may affect aging.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation reports osteoporosis and low bone mass are currently estimated to be a major public health threat for 55% of U.S. women and men ages 50 and older, indicating that calcium derficiency is widespread.4

Why marine coral?

Marine coral from Okinawa, Japan is a natural source of calcium, magnesium and numbeous trace minerals and elements from the sea. Trace mineral supplementation is important because the trace mineral content of our food has declined as soil has become depleted over many years of farming.5  Also, marine coral is highly porous., helping it to dissolve quickly, so 100% dissolves, ionizes and becomes bio-available in stomach acid.

Our high-grade marine coral has a natural 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, the biologically optimal balance for the body. Coral rock mined on land has had most of the natural magnesium and some of the trace minerals leached out of it over many years.

Ecologically safe

"Collection of marine coral does not damage coral reefs. Its collection can not be compared to deforestation of trees, but is identical to collecting dead leaves that have fallen."

Dr. Yasushi Omori
Professor of Marine Science
University of Ryukyus
Okinawa, Japan

Collection of marine coral sands is carefully supervised by the Japanese government. The coral sands, broken from the reef by natural wave action, are harvested from a trench on the ocean floor where they collect over thousands of years.  They are collected at least one kilometer from the shore and safetly away from the live coral reef.

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), an international group chartered to protect endangered species, removed restrictions on trade in coral sands and fragments at its April 2000 convention in Nairobi.

The 'advantage' in CORALadvantage

Your body needs more than just calcium and CORALadvantage is more than just a calcium supplement.  Taking calcium as an isolated mineral can throw the other minerals out of balance.  CORALadvantage is a balanced calcium, mineral and trace mineral supplement with bioavailable organic (citrate, chelate and plant source) forms of nine essential minerals .

To further aid absorption and utilization of the minerals, our advanced support nutrient system has both the primary co-nutrients needed for calcium absorption, and secondary co-nutrients needed for absorption of the primary co-nutrients and other minerals.  For example, co-nutrients included that are directly essential to the absorption, uptake, retention and utilization of calcium include boron, lysine, manganese, and Vitamins D, E and K.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Now with more vitamin D3 and we switched from vitamin K1 to the incredibly effective K2 form.

CORALadvantage adds 21 support nutrients to improve the absorption and utilization of calcium and other minerals.6

Compare labels and you will
see the difference!

Try the product, and within a few weeks you will feel the difference!

Our HEALTHtestTM pH Test Kit is available for you to measure your body pH by measuring saliva pH.

HEALTHTest pH Test Kit
.Supplement Facts table

Other Benefits:

Many individuals are deficient in one or more important minerals.  We believe one of the reasons that a high percentage of people over 40 taking CORALadvantage feel a big difference is that mineral deficiencies are eliminated.  For example, if you have been taking calcium with vitamin D with no other minerals, the isolated calcium can tend to create a magnesium deficiency, and magnesium is essential for many bodily functions. 

Also, in winter months, and as people avoid sunlight due to skin cancer concerns, the body may not make enough vitamin D.  This can affect calcium absorption, but vitamin D is also essential for innate immunity.  Emerging studies show that vitamin D3 supplementation at 800 IU per day may significantly reduce your risk of catching seasonal influenza.  CORALadvantage has more than 800 IU per daily dose. 


“What surprised me was, I have not been taking CORALadvantage very long, but in the short time I have I’ve noticed more stamina, and I’m able to sleep better. My wife had bad sleeping habits also and I have noticed she is sleeping better.”

-Gary Lindsey
Carson City, NV

“CORALadvantage is a great product. I take a lot of supplements and have taken calcium for years. But, this was a feel better product for me. I saw results in about one week.

-Peggy Carraway
Peach Blossom Health Foods
Murray, KY

 “…we are so grateful that we tried and will use forever, CORALadvantage”.

-Estelle Roberts
Corona Del Mar, CA

“I am a truck driver and I immediately noticed I wasn’t drowsy driving till 9 to 10 o’clock at night (when I take CORALadvantage). I have a more positive outlook on everything along with more energy!”

-Georgann Hardin
Henry, TN

I have taken vitamin supplements that had calcium in them for a long time but I never felt any difference. CORALadvantage has definitely changed my mind about supplements.”

-Nghiem Truong
San Jose, CA

“I have had an improved sense of well being! Skin has cleared and more soft and smooth, like when I was 40 instead of 72. My leg strength has improved considerably. I feel most of the time 20 to 30 years younger. Relatives state I look and act much younger. After taking CORALadvantage my memory seems to have improved!!”

-James McGuire
Box Elder, SD

I am excited about how effective CORALadvantage has been in improving my health and I plan to give it to my family and eagerly anticipate results.”

-Gail Mahoney
Chester, NJ

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


1. If you have any known allergies please review the Supplement Facts list of ingredients

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CORALadvantage Advanced Formula is the same formula as pH Balancing Mineral Complex.

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